Sales Agents Wanted for website sales

We are looking for people to market our web design services to businesses in Southern Africa. We are currently locked down in Betty's Bay but we have much experience in building websites for people all over Southern Africa, even training people to manage the content of the website themselves.

People pay the following fees: Initial Setup and design (Between R2,500 and R4,000). This can include online training depending on whether the people want to manage the website themselves or not.

The monthly hosting fee of R180 includes small changes done for free.

Who are we? We are using software from to build websites for small, medium businesses. We have been doing this for the past 13 years.

Our most important value propositions are:

1.) Affordability

2.) Quick turnaround time

3.) Userfriendly software

Currently during the Covid 19 pandemic we will see small medium businesses who face tough cashflow challenges. These businesses will have to to well at marketing once their businesses reopen. We understand that these businesses are stressed right now so we are not approaching them 100%. Some of these business owners might now finally have the time and still have reserves to invest in a website.

We see that food businesses and food delivery businesses are still doing business "as normal". These are great businesses to target now because we have a great E Commerce module (Online shops) which we can activate at the click of a button. We are currently building a demo website for a butchery that does deliveries.

We need people who are active on Facebook to join more groups in South Africa where you will find all sorts of businesses advertising. Have a look if they have an active website and even if they have if they could do with an online shop to enable efficiency in the order and delivery process.

Once you see such businesses advertising you can like their Facebook pages and message them via messenger. You can also phone or WhatsApp.

We suggest a short question like:

Hi. Hope you are well. Are you perhaps in the market for an affordable website (with online ordering if applicable).

If they ask how much : (Between R2,500 and R4,000)

At this stage or when they ask more information is where we will take over and do the rest.

We will pay you when the clients pay us. 

Anybody can do it from anywhere.

WhatsApp 0745470221 if you want to connect or like my Facebook Page and message me there.

Have a look at our predesigned templates or warehouse websites. (Search by category):


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