Homeless man

Homeless man
Yesterday I met a homeless man…
Have seen him around
Parked at the beach
His earth’s possessions piled into his broken car
Broken as his life
All he is, all he was, piled in disarray in this broken car,
Said:" Hi Sir!
Are you hungry?" while handing him my Calamari strips leftovers
Up jumped the man , thankfully grabbing the leftovers, the crumbs of my midday feast
Confused from days and weeks and months of loneliness, hopelessness
He grabbed my time to start a conversation
Showing me pictures of yesteryear's, days when he was somebody
Somebody…he mostly spoke of his brother this and his sister that
Don’t think he cared whether I was listening or not…he was someone for a moment
Somebody with a life, with a history
Asked him how he came about his situation
Said he was on his way to murder his wife …his wife and her lover in Durban
God put him in an accident…drunk he killed 2 people
Sentenced to 17 years , he did 7.
Confused from utter loneliness, hopelessness he stood there telling me his story.
Not concerned whether I listen or not…for a moment he was someone
Even if that someone was a bunch of old photographs of yesteryear's…
Memories and stories of him being younger and healthier…
Now confined to a broken down car
Don’t know if I am writing a song, a story or a poem
Just telling you as it is…
Alan Tinkler is his name, you will find him down at the beach , Muizenberg Beach.
Or maybe one day his broken down car and life will no longer be there
Not that anyone will care
Says the man: If I touch alcohol again…I will once again go and kill my x wife and her lover
I asked him when did this happen, the divorce
That is 30 years…
Asked him if it is not time to let it go? He just smiled
I handed him a R50 note and walked away
Should this be a song or a poem or a story
I don’t know…
Homeless man, destitute man
Why don’t you just let it go?
Living dreams of yesterday forgoing the tomorrows
Tomorrows which will never come because of not letting go
Of yesteryear's which does not matter
Wanted to talk to you…about letting go
About forgiving because you too can be forgiven
Alan Tinkler that’s your name
We shall talk again
But maybe I will again rather walk away leaving a R50 in your hand
Cause words sometimes fail me
A broken man, destitute man, your broken life piled in a broken car
May you let it go, may hope, love and forgiveness find you
May God bless and heal you!

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2021-10-19 16:45:57  
Thank you for giving Alan your time, some food and kindness, he passed away in February 2021.  

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