Sage Business Cloud Accounting - Some thoughts

I am once again spending quite a bit of hours helping a client from Somerset West to catch up their accounting work going back 12 months. Doing accounting is boring but writing about something boring? Accounting may be viewed by some as boring but it takes a lot of determination to process transactions for days on end. The reward for me is when I am able to finalise the TB or Trial Balance and draft the financial statements, when it all comes together.

What inspired me to write this blog on Sage Business Cloud Accounting is the fact that I realised that all the hours I have been putting in today is automatically backed up and that I do not have to worry about backups.

The one negative when working in the Cloud and doing repetitive manual work the Sage Business Cloud Accounting program seems at times a little bit slow which can be frustrating.

The Sage Business Cloud Forms designer is not userfriendly at all and you are supposed to be someone between an accountant, web designer, programmer and mathematician. To get assistance from Sage Business Cloud Accounting in this regard is near impossible. You only get referred to another accountant. For some clients the specific layout of their invoices is important.

The more you work on Sage Business Cloud Accounting the better you get at processing transactions quicker and finding the shortest possible way to do reconciliations. I love the search function build into Sage Business Cloud Accounting.

Ok time to get back to doing bookkeeping work for my Somerset West client. I thought of doing a quick Facebook post to my business page because I felt emotional or inspired by knowing that my work is backed up and I wanted to share it with my followers on Facebook. I still oonly have only 106 or 107 likes which means spending time posting things to my facebook page is a bit of a waste. This little blog will hopefully be indexed or help other pages of my website to be better indexed. One has to spend your time wisely and rather do work on your website and then share it to Facebook. That way you can get the Google benefits later.


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