Freelance Digital Sales Agents Required

Hi my name is Francois Marais and I own established Afrikaans websites focussed on Tourism. I am looking for freelance sales representatives. You can be based anywhere in the world. Read more about me on francoismarais dot co za


I have created websites in Afrikaans which focus on accommodation. Websites like Lekkerslaap have proven that there is a need for Afrikaans on the internet. You can use Google and you will find my websites on page 1 of Google.


Try Krugerwildtuin + Akkommodasie. You will find my website high up in the organic search results. More likely than not number 1.


I charge R1,800 for a 5 year advertisement of which I will pay you 50% immediately once the client has paid.


You will need to use your own telephone. You can also get in your car and go see the people with your Laptop.


You can start today and be paid today.


Phone me and we get started.


You do the sales and we do the production. Some clients will provide all the information while others require that we translate from their existing websites. For the average website we do the translation for free.


This is a proven concept. We have existing advertisers and we have worked with Freelance sales representatives before. Somehow everyone got busy with other things but now we are experiencing very bad economic times and businesses have no choice but to up their spend on marketing which is good for you and me.


Our main business is that of Web Design. While selling these digital advertisements you might meet someone interested in getting their own website. We also pay 50% of our web design fees towards the sales representative. So you can sell digital advertisements as well as websites.


When doing sales it is important to know the value proposition. Why should a person take out an advertisement or get a website from Buddy Web Design? Google: “ Buddy Web Design + Value Proposition.” That should help you.


If you show potential we will obviously invest our time to make you a better sales person.


Start today and get paid today. (Once the client’s money reflects you are paid).


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