Farming in South Africa and Politics

FARMING, ECONOMICS ETC... we need to produce a lot more goods including food in South Africa. Our population is growing at an alarming rate. Add to it that people are leaving rural areas in search of opportunities. I have met Uber Drivers from countless African countries. So people are flocking to cities like Cape Town while there is only so much land, so much water. Seems the population growth will always outstrip growth of economic activity and opportunities. Hopefully the internet can help reverse the trend or slow it down a bit. (Remote work)There is simply not enough space for everyone, or free handouts hence the riots. We need to support farmers with incentives and attract foreign investors and not be proposing land expropriation without compensation as a policy to gain votes ( this is a fight for votes between ANC and EFF. Even the DA is playing the race card to gain votes ) . Taking productive farms and handing them to subsistence farmers or communities is disastrous for our economy. The professional farming sector needs to be revived not threatened. The world is close to a financial crisis like never known before. Then it will be about what you produce in terms of real goods and not in terms of government promises. ( Gold backed versus FIAT currencies )

Above is an example of a late night status update on my Facebook page. What a waste to lament late at night on Facebook.

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